Who Are We?


Sounds Like Treble is a family of musicians, who both perform and teach. We believe that by teaching you become a better performer and by performing you become a better teacher, so the two go well hand in hand! We believe life is an adventure and recognize the need for both beautiful, quality music, humour, and faith to be kept alive in our world. As teachers and performing artists, we want to leave students and audiences feeling joyful and inspired, moved, and entertained.


Rachel and Dwight lean towards the European approach to singing and piano technique. Lessons and performances are balanced and reflect a wide variety of styles from the old to the modern, with an emphasis on healthy technique.

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Sounds Like Treble Music Studio
Rachel Perkyns and Dwight Siemens
1450 Thomson Terrace
Duncan, BC
Studio Phone: (250) 715-3007
Cell Phone: (250) 510-2293
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