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Sounds Like Treble Family

and Special Helpers


Rachel Perkyns is artistic director and co-producer of Sounds Like Treble Duo and Music Studio. *Click here for Rachel's Bio.

Dwight Siemens is co-producer of Sounds Like Treble Duo and Music Studio. *Click here for Dwight's Bio.

Catherine Murphy is Social Media and Bookings Manager.

Sarah M. Wood: Consultant for Sounds Like Treble Duo. Sarah is a performance pianist, composer and arranger, and sole proprietor and founder of Mirror Productions and Publications.

Joshua Simon CPA, CA: Consultant for Sounds Like Treble Studio.

Mackenzie Cleaves: Web design, photography, marketing. Mackenzie is an Interior Designer in Victoria and former student of SLT Studio.

Avery Creed: Logos and Studio Sign Design.

Theodore Siemens is one of our Special Helpers. Theodore enjoys music, playing with his friends, reading and playing tennis in his spare time.

Evangeline Siemens is one of our Special Helpers. Evangeline enjoys music, playing with her friends, creating new inventions and building forts all over our living room in her spare time.

Eleanor and Dorothy are sisters and love to jump and play in water!

Grace is now a big sister to Faith!

Faith is our newest family member of the furry variety all the way from Norway!

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